Valerie Braithwaite is an interdisciplinary scholar and professor of regulatory studies in RegNet, School of Regulation and Global Governance, ANU. With a disciplinary background in psychology, her work focuses on the interplay between regulators and regulatees, the governing and the governed, asking the questions: What kind of institutional practices generate defiance and disrespect? What role does social capital play in regulatory effectiveness and regulatory failure? How should regulators manage the ebb and flow of trust and hope among those they regulate and become leaders in promoting learning communities?

In collaboration with colleagues and doctoral students, the ways in which individuals and groups engage with regulations imposed by government and other authorities are addressed in fields as diverse as caregiving, aged care, taxation, school and workplace bullying, work safety, migration, agriculture, child protection, charities and education. 

Valerie has served as an advisor on regulatory policy. She served on the Australian Government’s ATO Cash Economy Task Force (1995-2005) and the National Skills Standards Council (2011-14). In 2013 with Kwong Lee Dow, she conducted a review of regulation in higher education for the Australian Government;  and in 2017 conducted a review of the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (“All Eyes on Quality Report,” 2018).